Sapientis Advisory

We believe

in the message of "Ubuntu"

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Sapientis Advisory we believe in the message of ‘Ubuntu’ which inculcates the deep-rooted concept that ‘I am because we are’. True to living this philosophy we invest human and financial resources to empower underprivileged communities in South Africa through a variety of organisations and projects whose vision we share and believe in.

One such organization is Tenya Foundation ( whose social impact initiatives and community engagements include:

GirlPower Vibez Initiative powered by the Tenya Foundation.

GirlPower Vibez is an ongoing programme about bringing together like-minded people to find sustainable solutions to help more of our underprivileged girls attend school regularly. This is done by giving young girls access to reusable sanitary products with a three -year life span.

Startling research shows that young women from South Africa’s underprivileged communities can miss up to one quarter of every academic year due to their menstrual cycle. Without access to the feminine hygiene products they need, these girl students are forced to skip school and stay home during their menstrual cycle.


Gaining access to reusable sanitary products, these young women can minimise interruption to their education. This important initiative thus contributes to supporting more girls to stay in school and get an education. Furthermore it improves their quality of life and it enables them to become confident, self- empowered women who are destined to become our future leaders in society.

Through collaboration, we can work together to positively impact girls in need, one girl at a time.


10 000 Books Campaign powered by the Tenya Foundation.

Education is at the heart of driving economic change in our nation! The next generation of doctors, scientists, engineers, lawyers and police officers need us all to come together and play our part.

We are passionate about children’s education and through this initiative we donate books to young children in underprivileged communities to increase their literacy levels through access to high quality books.

We welcome all our partners, colleagues, friends and associates to join us in supporting these initiatives. Please contact us or directly to lend a helping hand.