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In our experience, no two businesses are alike, not because of what they do, but because of the people that build them. We pride ourselves not only in matching skill-sets to organisations, but more importantly, personalities to management teams. Whether you are looking for divergent thinking, fresh ideas, expert insight or particular strategy related skills, we are there every step of the way ensuring that the people we bring to the table, can actually help you reach your success.

The human resource landscape is rapidly shifting because technological evolution is moving at an unprecedented velocity. In order for your business to stay ahead and thrive, you need staffing solutions that not only leverage this shifting landscape but that connects you with the right talent when you need it.

Skilled contract workers are becoming essential for organisations with constantly changing project workloads and seasonal skill needs. We help businesses to leverage temporary employees in a variety of niche areas to scale teams and achieve rapid performance goals.

We provide expert advisory solutions and services tailored to suit your  business needs.

Our services include outsourced support, contracting, project management, temporary staffing and specialised recruitment in a variety of specialist areas for both on-site and remote working needs. 

As a trusted and innovative business partner, we provide the following solutions to suit your business needs:


We provide flexible and fixed-term resourcing contractors that suit your needs and budget. Whether you need experienced software engineers for a fixed term project or a specialist CFO during audits and financial year-end, we have a solution for you.We have an expanding database of expert candidates with proven capabilities allowing our clients to maximise opportunities by leveraging contractors.

Project Management

We help to manage complex projects with aggressive timelines, end-to-end, with customised support designed to meet the unique needs of your business. We connect you with the top talent required for each project and ensure your resourcing needs are met.

Temporary Staffing (Temp Desk)

Emergencies happen in every organisation and we provide businesses with quick turnaround staffing solutions to ensure they are prepared when unexpected things occur. This ensures that businesses can operate seamlessly irrespective of circumstances.

Specialised Recruitment

Each business is unique and requires an innovative approach to sourcing professional talent. We partner with businesses who are looking for unique and highly specialised talent with expert knowledge and valuable experience to make appointments at all business levels.

Our knowledge of the industries and sectors we operate in is extensive, up to date and provides clients with a unique opportunity to quickly access the premium talent that may not be actively seeking opportunities. We do this while taking the utmost care and consideration for discretion and confidentiality.

Outsourced Support

As businesses expand, their administrative processes tend to become increasingly daunting. The hiring of new employees generates mountains of paperwork, the list of applicable government regulations becomes lengthier, and the cost of managing the workforce multiplies. While devoting time and money to these human resources (HR) duties, companies detract focus from their core, profit-generating activities. This realisation has led many businesses to entrust their HR and payroll functions to Sapientis Advisory.

With a team of human resources experts, we handle the time-consuming administrative tasks necessary to manage a growing workforce and remain compliant with all laws and tax obligations, while allowing your business to retain control over important decisions such as salaries and employee benefits.

Here are some of the benefits that your businesses will enjoy when you chose to outsource your human resource challenges to us:

Reduction and transfer of risk – government regulations regarding health and safety, taxes, and more are constantly changing, and many businesses lack the time and resources to keep abreast of them.

A more efficient workforce – although they constitute a necessary part of doing business, administrative HR tasks do not generate revenue for your company. When employees must devote time to these activities, they are not focusing on their core job duties.

Lower costs – having an in-house HR department is a costly operation, and as discussed above, entrusting HR duties to employees distracts their focus from profit-producing activities and carries the risk of errors.

Enhanced expertise. HR duties are the sole focus of Sapientis Advisory; therefore, unlike hiring a new employee who must be trained, there is no learning curve and we are effective from day 1.

Specialist Areas

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