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Industry: Multi-industry Group

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    Industry: Multi-industry Group (investment, hospitality, education, sport)

    The challenge

    The group had just updated their operating model and now needed to develop an accompanying governance model and develop a delegation of authority framework to give effect to their new operating model.

    Key aspects of our solution

    • Extensive stakeholder engagement conducted and desktop review of existing group governance documents.
    • Review of current group governance structure and development of a group governance model including governance structures at group and investment company level (board, board committees and executive committees) and governance reporting lines. 
    • Board composition analysis and skills assessment.
    • Development of a tailored delegation of authority framework.
    • Development of best practice charters and terms of reference for boards and board committees.
    • Development of key best practice governance policies eg policy framework, code of ethics.
    • Development of governance roadmap for implementation of the governance model and supporting governance documents developed.

    Value derived

    • Rationalised, optimised group governance model with clear governance reporting lines for adequate group oversight to give effect to the client’s new operating model.
    • Best practice charters, terms of reference for boards and board committees to clarify mandate of governance structures (including statutory requirements), stipulate composition, responsibilities and key decisions.
    • Best practice governance policies to support the governance model developed.
    • Fit-for-purpose delegation of authority framework to clarify decision rights, roles and responsibilities for boards, board committees and management at group and investment company level.