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    The Spotlight Shines on Financial Governance: Why Strong Internal Controls Matter More Than Ever

    Recent local headlines showcasing financial and corporate governance shortcomings and irregularities involving large corporations serve as stark reminders of the critical role financial governance and internal controls play in ensuring organisational stability and stakeholder confidence and trust. While the specific details of each case may differ, a common thread often emerges – inadequate safeguards against…

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    The Role of the Board in Risk Management: Risk Governance and Oversight

    The board of an organisation holds the ultimate responsibility for risk management and internal, making its role one of risk governance and oversight. But what exactly is risk governance and oversight? While various definitions exist, the core of risk governance and oversight lies in the actions, processes, and structures through which authority is exercised, and…

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    How Can We Help? Top CFO Strategic Priorities for 2024

    Attending the Finance Leaders Conference in November 2023 shed light on the CFO’s top strategic priorities for 2024, as identified in the Deloitte SA CFO Survey H1 2023. These priorities, in order of significance, are cost optimisation, better cashflow management, and digitalisation. In our next article, we will address other priority areas for the CFO…

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    Nurturing Financial Governance: A Holistic Strategy for Business Resilience

    In what continues to be a challenging business environment, the importance of financial governance cannot be overstated. Robust financial governance reduces the risk of financial distress, offering a shield to businesses in a volatile and uncertain economic environment. When a company finds itself on the brink of financial distress, a glaring indicator is the insufficiency…

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    The Continuous Evolution of the Role of the Company Secretary

    The Company Secretary role continues to evolve globally, from being a predominantly administrative role to one of being a key strategic advisor to the board and the management team. This strategic advisory role is increasingly important against the backdrop of a challenging economic environment, a complex legislative landscape with evolving risks and growing stakeholder needs…

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    Key Beneficial Ownership Requirements from the Amended Companies Act and its Regulations

    Following SA’s recent Greylisting by the Financial Action task Force (FATF) on the 24th of February 2023, there has been a need to act on addressing the shortcomings which contributed to the Greylisting. It is within this context that updates have recently been made to the Companies Act 71 of 2008 and its Regulations. On…

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    Sapientis Advisory Consultants Successful corporate-backed startups follow a specific toolkit that covers seven areas.

    Why scaling your business is the new priority for growth

    Committing Talent Talent is the key ingredient in any corporate endeavour. In the global survey, successful new businesses were more than twice as likely as underperformers to have top-tier talent and to deploy them in critical roles. Furthermore, these companies invested in talent from the outset. Successful new businesses were almost twice as likely as…

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    Sapientis Advisory benefits of outsourcing business tasks

    Outsourcing: What, why, how?

    Outsourcing: Definition Outsourcing is a business practice of passing individual tasks, subareas, or business processes over to a third-party and thereby receiving the results from outside of your own company. Activities or deliverables that your company was responsible for fulfilling will now be provided by a specialised service provider. These tasks are often a business’s…

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    The Ultimate Guide To Financial Services Outsourcing from Sapientis Advisory Consulting Services

    The Ultimate Guide To Financial Services Outsourcing

    Introduction The popularity of financial services outsourcing is growing every day, as it enables medium-sized businesses and large companies to improve their financial functions more cost-effectively. Proper finance management plays a pivotal role in determining the success and failure of every business. However, for most startups and SMB’s, maintaining an in-house team of finance and…

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    Girl Power Vibez Initiative

    Girl Power Vibez Initiative Our commitment to people goes beyond our clients and candidates. We are committed to the upliftment of under-privileged communities in South Africa, through the investment of both human and financial resources to aid development and improve the quality of life in these communities. We achieve this by partnering and supporting initiatives…

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    Women Disrupting The South African Landscape

    Women Disrupting The South African Landscape Gender equality and women’s empowerment is a prime focus in the South African workforce, yet the gender gap is still immense. Despite women making up just over half of the population, they remain relatively underrepresented in positions of authority and power. Challenges facing women in the South African workforce…

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