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Well Governed Companies Perform Better

Effective corporate governance, risk management, finance and assurance synergistically contribute to sustainable business performance and stakeholder value creation.

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    Our Vision, Mission and Values sapientis-social-responsibility


    To be the trusted advisor and partner of choice in corporate governance, risk management, financial services, driving sustainable value creation for our clients and stakeholders globally.

    Mission Statement

    Our mission is to provide innovative and tailored corporate governance, risk management and financial services that enable our clients to achieve compliance, optimize performance and enhance resilience and long-term stakeholder value.


    • Integrity: We uphold the highest standards of integrity in all aspects of our work.
    • Excellence: Pursuing excellence is ingrained in our service ethos.
    • Responsibility: Our commitment to responsibility extends to our communities and beyond.
    • Partnership: We build and grow meaningful partnerships through collaboration.

    Our Governance, Risk Management, Finance and Assurance Services



    Corporate governance is the cornerstone of a well-managed and responsible organisation. Ready to elevate your corporate governance maturity with Sapientis?



    Effective risk management is key in a dynamic business landscape. Ready to fortify your risk management capabilities and drive sustainable business performance?

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    Finance and

    Finance and assurance underpins sound financial management and accountability within any company. Ready to enhance financial performance, internal controls and maintain stakeholder confidence?

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    The world of corporate administration is intricate and daunting. Ready to partner with us to streamline operations and focus on your business goals?

    Meticulously monitoring global governance, risk management
    and finance trends to craft customised solutions that empower our clients.

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    Our Clients

    Our Contract Staff and Recruitment Services

    Are you looking for staff for a specific project, or fixed-term staff?
    We can assist with:

    • Contracting of Finance Staff
    • Contracting of Company Secretaries
    • Contracting of Risk Managers

    Let us help you find permanent staff for your business:

    • Executives and C-Suite
    • Finance Staff
    • Company Secretaries
    • Risk Managers

    Let us find the right non-executive directors to serve as board members on your board:

    • Non-Executive Directors

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    Case Studies

    Industry: Listed Mining Client

    Industry: Listed Mining Client The challenge The company required a service provider to facilitate their annual strategic risk assessment. Key aspects of our solution Desktop review of prior year operational and strategic risk registers and key business documents. Review and update of risk management framework. Stakeholder engagement conducted to identify operational and strategic risks. Facilitation…

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    Industry: Telecoms

    Industry: Telecoms  The challenge The listed telecoms group had just updated their operating model and needed to develop an accompanying delegation of authority framework to give effect to the new operating model. Key aspects of our solution Extensive stakeholder engagement conducted and desktop review of existing governance structures and governance documents across the group. Governance…

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    Industry: Multi-industry Group

    Industry: Multi-industry Group (investment, hospitality, education, sport) The challenge The group had just updated their operating model and now needed to develop an accompanying governance model and develop a delegation of authority framework to give effect to their new operating model. Key aspects of our solution Extensive stakeholder engagement conducted and desktop review of existing…

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    Industry: Mining

    Industry: Mining The challenge: A mining company was struggling with their business finances, including cashflow management and were struggling to service their debt. Key aspects of our solution Monthly reporting has been lagging for a few months and this was impacting the ability of the management team to make informed decisions based on timely reporting.…

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    sapientis-social-responsibility Testimonials sapientis-social-responsibility

    What our Clients Have to Say

    Dr Malebane

    MD - Medical Advisory Group Services

    "We have engaged Sapientis Advisory for the provision of Enterprise Risk Management services. We are pleased with their execution and their quality of work, understanding of risk management and professionalism in this regard is impressive. We are proud to have been associated with them on the various projects undertaken to date."

    P Katia

    Head of Finance – Kat Tel Telecoms

    "Our experience of working with Sapientis was truly amazing. They are extremely knowledgeable on the financial aspects that we needed help with, they are very patient and took the time to explain even when we needed it explained several times. They are professional and organised, always kept to appointment times, made special arrangements to work around our schedule, always understanding and allowing us to put the needs of our business first. We now have better understanding of financial aspects of our company, and we are learning how to manage the process easier. We look forward to working with them again soon and would recommend their skills to any other businesses that are trying to understand their business finances better."


    CFO – Advannotech

    "Thank you for team Sapientis for embarking on this journey of Strategic Financial Management with us. It really has been incredible. It is very exciting to see how these interventions have been received by the team and we are even more excited to see how they will adopt them. The exco is set on fostering a performance culture where teamwork is at the core and we continue to strive to achieving this objective daily. The time spent with you was so insightful and a definite eye opener for us in terms of how a finance division can and should contribute strategically to the growth of a business. I am immensely grateful to you for all the effort you put into planning our sessions and also equipping me with the right and necessary tools to help me contribute positively as a CFO in our business."


    Founder and CEO – Clinic with Purpose

    "I have worked with Sapientis Advisory on a few occasions this year, specifically supporting my clients, who are all Small Business Owners. I have received very positive feedback on the engagement and results. The team has an empathetic approach when working with the customers and helped them to overcome their fears of managing their company financials that left them with a new confidence that they could implement all the strategies and guidance. Sapientis is my 1st call when I have an SME customer in need of specialist support."

    Felix Kumirai

    Managing Director – Genesis Global Finance

    "I write to confirm that we are pleased with the governance advisory and company secretarial services we have received from Sapientis Advisory Services since April 2020. Their services have remained professional, and their commercial terms competitive. We would, therefore, not hesitate to recommend Sapientis to anyone."

    Mrs Motlapele Molefi

    Executive Director – Modi Mining

    "Sapientis Advisory demonstrated unparalleled commitment to service delivery and their ability to collaborate effectively with our in-house team made the entire process seamless. Based on the above including the level of professionalism Sapientis Advisory displayed during their tenure with Modi Mining, we have no doubt that your organisation will draw value from relationship with Sapientis advisory"

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    Affiliations, Associations and Accreditations


    Articles and Appreciations

    Top Article

    A smiling man with curly hair wearing a red blazer jacket

    The Spotlight Shines on Financial Governance: Why Strong Internal Controls Matter More Than Ever

    Recent local headlines showcasing financial and corporate governance shortcomings and irregularities involving large corporations serve as stark reminders of the critical role financial governance and internal controls play in ensuring organisational stability and stakeholder confidence and trust. While the specific details of each case may differ, a common thread often emerges – inadequate safeguards against fraud and financial mismanagement. Let's delve into some key questions that often arise in the wake of such situations: Was there an ethical culture in the organisation? The leadership team is responsible for setting the tone for an ethical culture in the organisation and ensuring that the tone filters throughout the organisation, supported by a code of ethics. Were there robust internal controls in place? This includes segregation of duties, where different individuals handle critical tasks like authorisation (including setting payment limits), execution, and record-keeping.  Does an organisation have a defined approval process for financial transactions? This ensures proper oversight and prevents unauthorised payments. Was there a functional internal audit function to identify and address potential weaknesses in controls? Regular internal audits are crucial for detecting fraudulent activities. Does an organisation offer a secure and accessible platform for employees to report suspected wrongdoing? A confidential fraud hotline empowers employees and suppliers to speak up without fear of retaliation. Were there ongoing monitoring and evaluation processes to assess the effectiveness of internal controls? Regularly testing and refining controls is essential to maintain their adequacy and efficacy. Does the organisation encourage employees to communicate promptly when they see something amiss, without fear of reprisal or being ostracized for speaking up? A strong financial governance framework extends beyond just defined reporting structures and procedures. An essential element is fostering a work environment where employees feel empowered to voice concerns or suspicions about financial irregularities. This can be achieved through open communication channels, clear ...
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    A woman smiling with curly hair working on a laptop.

    The Role of the Board in Risk Management: Risk Governance and Oversight

    The board of an organisation holds the ultimate responsibility for risk management and internal, making its role one ...
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    How Can We Help? Top CFO Strategic Priorities for 2024

    Attending the Finance Leaders Conference in November 2023 shed light on the CFO's top strategic priorities for 2024, ...
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    Nurturing Financial Governance: A Holistic Strategy for Business Resilience

    In what continues to be a challenging business environment, the importance of financial governance cannot be overstated. Robust ...
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    Sapientis in the Press


    The SAICA Top 35-under-35 is an annual recognition program organized by the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA). The Top-35-Under-35 competition recognises young CA(SA) achievers, under the age of  35, who have demonstrated excellence in their careers, leadership potential, and a commitment to ethical conduct. Nyasha was honored as a finalist for the prestigious SAICA Top 35-under-35 award in 2019, a testament to her outstanding achievements, leadership potential, and unwavering commitment to ethical conduct as a young CA(SA) professional.


    Featured on the cover of CFO magazine, Nyasha exemplified the dynamic leadership behind Black Umbrellas, where she served as CFO. As a key figure in enterprise and supplier development, Nyasha's journey highlights the milestones achieved in fostering sustainable businesses that significantly impact the economy. Beyond her CFO role, Nyasha is also a passionate entrepreneur, managing her own fashion boutique by night while excelling in her financial leadership role by day. Her story embodied the dedication and versatility required to thrive in both the corporate and entrepreneurial spheres.