Corporate Governance Quiz:
Is Your Board Future-Ready?

This quiz is designed to provide you with a structured approach to assessing and improving your company's corporate governance practices.


This quiz is designed to provide you with a structured approach to assessing and improving your company's corporate governance practices. By following each step, you can identify areas of strength and opportunities for improvement, ensuring that your board and governance structures are well-equipped to handle challenges.

Why Take Our Corporate Governance Quiz?

  • Quickly identify areas of strength and opportunities for improvement with a few simple questions.
  • Stay ahead of potential issues by using our quiz to pinpoint risks early.
  • Our quiz will help you gain insights into your governance practices.
  • Efficiently assess your governance responsibilities without the hassle.
  • Demonstrate your commitment to robust governance practices.

What’s In It For You?

By taking our corporate governance quiz, you gain:

  1. Personalised Feedback: Receive tailored recommendations to improve your governance practices.
  2. Benchmarking: Understand how your organisation stacks up against industry standards.
  3. Actionable Insights: Identify specific areas to focus on for immediate improvement.
  4. Resource Efficiency: Save time and resources by targeting the most needed efforts.
  5. Confidence and Clarity: Make informed decisions with a clear understanding of your governance strengths and weaknesses.

Assess Your Governance By Completing The Below Quiz

Does your board have the diverse skills and experience needed to handle the challenges of 2024?

Is there diversity in gender, age, race, and cultural backgrounds on your board?

Do you regularly assess your board’s dynamics and decision-making processes?

Are roles for board members clearly defined to ensure accountability and effective contribution?

Do you have an enterprise risk management framework in place which is reviewed regularly?

Do you have crisis management and business continuity plans in place?

Is there a whistleblowing process in place?

Is there a stakeholder engagement strategy identifying key stakeholders, their concerns, and effective communication channels?

Are your current ESG practices and policies assessed regularly?

Is there a plan for integrating ESG factors into your governance framework, business strategy, and reporting processes?

What our Clients Have to Say

Dr Malebane

MD - Medical Advisory Group Services

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P Katia

Head of Finance – Kat Tel Telecoms

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CFO – Advannotech

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Founder and CEO – Clinic with Purpose

"I have worked with Sapientis Advisory on a few occasions this year, specifically supporting my clients, who are all Small Business Owners. I have received very positive feedback on the engagement and results. The team has an empathetic approach when working with the customers and helped them to overcome their fears of managing their company financials that left them with a new confidence that they could implement all the strategies and guidance. Sapientis is my 1st call when I have an SME customer in need of specialist support."

Felix Kumirai

Managing Director – Genesis Global Finance

"I write to confirm that we are pleased with the governance advisory and company secretarial services we have received from Sapientis Advisory Services since April 2020. Their services have remained professional, and their commercial terms competitive. We would, therefore, not hesitate to recommend Sapientis to anyone."

Mrs Motlapele Molefi

Executive Director – Modi Mining

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Benefits of Strong Corporate Governance

  • Better Financing Options: A well-governed company is more attractive to investors and other funders, making it easier to access capital.
  • Lower Capital Costs: Confidence in governance leads to lower capital costs for investors.
  • Improved Performance: Effective governance reduces inefficiencies and promotes a forward-thinking approach.
  • Higher Valuation and Share Performance: Strong governance practices lead to higher share valuation and performance.
  • Stronger Reputation: A well-governed company garners a positive reputation, attracting and retaining investors and clients.
  • Reduced Risk of Crises and Scandals: Strong governance minimises the risk of regulatory issues and misconduct.

If you need assistance with any aspect of this checklist, contact Sapientis today and let us guide you towards enhancing governance within your organisation.